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    STON Edge Server is a highly performative reverse proxy server software,
    improving content delivery quality, offloading system backends and saving costs.
    E-commerce, enterprise, media and the gaming industry may all benefit
    from the STON Edge Server.


STON Edge Server is an off-the-shelf software solution for mission-critical online services,
proven in over 2,000 services in South Korea.

High Performance

64-bit and many-core architecture written in C++

  • Web/Media Acceleration
  • 40GBps bandwidth
  • >100K sessions
  • Ultra-fast Memory Indexing
  • Surge Protection
  • Partial Object Caching

Easy Deployment

Versatile operations at your fingertips

  • Monthly Subscription
  • Live Monitoring/Stats/Logging
  • Web Management
  • Complete Guide Documentation
  • Cloud-friendly
  • Enterprise Support

Unique Features

Ready for more intensive scaling

  • Media Protocol Support
  • On-the-fly Media Converting
  • Traffic Offloading
  • Content Distribution
  • SSL/TLS 1.2 Support
  • Caching Filesystem (POSIX I/O)


IT is a core competency in most businesses.
The STON Edge Server empowers service competitiveness in enterprise services including the media and e-commerce sectors.


Cache server is a core solution for content delivery. Outperforming STON Edge Server offers cost-efficient CDN, ISP and OTT business in a reliable way.


Service liability and responsiveness means a lot to revenue. The STON Edge Server manages massive-scale concurrent sessions to serve customers.


Media scale-out features offer a new paradigm to serve the exponential growth of media.


STON offers fast and reliable downloads for large file delivery, express patches, peer-to-peer and mobile clients.




STON Edge Server is designed and coded 100% in-house.
A new version is mostly released every 2 weeks. The full release notes are here.

  • 8/8/18 v18.8.0
  • 26/4/18 v18.x

    • DIMS: Supports annotation
  • 25/5/17 v2.5.x

    • Supports HTTPS-SNI
    • Supports 'Memory-Only' mode
  • 7/11/16 v2.4.x

    • Modify HTTP request URL to origin
    • Support M4A HLS
  • 3/2/16 v2.3.x

    • Fortified origin health checker policy
    • Fortified HLS index file compatibility
    • MP3 HLS packetizing
    • On-the-fly content compression
  • 4/11/15 v.2.2.x

    • Fortified HLS video compatibility
    • Origin HTTP request header modification
    • TLS 1.2 support
    • Fortified DIMS animated GIF
  • 15/4/15 v.2.1.x

    • On-the-fly video multi-part trimming
    • Fortified access log, access control and virtual host management

Try unique features from STON product lines!

STON offers more than just fast speed. Delivery standards and domain-specific features are offered in a package to serve each and every online service.


Two types of guides are provided to help starting STON Edge Server.

The STON Edge Server Complete Guide is a guide to learn more details of STON Edge Server. This documentation starts with basic concept of scalable architecture, and also contains detailed features from A to Z.

The video tutorial series are step-by-step guides, including installation and configuration for beginners. This compilation is offering technical expertise for beginners and experts alike.

More Videos Complete Guide

STON Product Line

STON Edge Server

Sitting at the edge of the service network, STON Edge Server easily scales out your infrastructure at a reasonable price while keeping the legacy system uncluttered.

  • On-the-fly Image Conversion
  • SSL/TLS, HTTP2 Offloading
  • Load Balancing / Spiky Traffic Processing
  • Database and Storage Offloading

STON Media Server

STON Media Server provides an integrated scale-out media streaming to serve videos to fragmented device types in multiple protocols.

  • One Platform, Multi-protocol and Multi-bitrate Support
  • Partial Object Caching and Video Stall Prevention
  • High Concurrency and Traffic Processing (150K+, 40GBps)
  • Dynamic Content Integration APIs

STON Ad-Sticker Server

Combining video and advertising assets in to a single stream, STON Ad-Sticker Server lets publishers stitch their video and ad content together on the CMS level.

  • On-the-fly Server-side Ad Insertion
  • APIs for Ad Publishing Policy
  • Dynamic Ad Targeting
  • Live Ad Monitoring (per sec)

STON Caching Filesystem

STON Caching Filesystem turns any application server into scale-out servers. This unique feature is based on POSIX system call does not need application code rewriting.

  • Perfect Integration with any Domain Specific Applications
  • Easy Deployment without Code Rewriting
  • I/O Performance Acceleration
  • Local Mount Utility for Cloud Object Storages

Meet Our Team

Bong-goo Lee CEO

Bong-goo has over 20 years of technical and business expertise from network solution development. He has been managing software teams for the past 20 years, holding executive positions in several network solution providers.

Jaeha Ahn COO

Jaeha has extensive operation expertise from broadcasting, telecommunication, construction and the software industry. His major roles includes business operations for domestic and overseas management.

Woosik Moon CTO

Woosik has 15 years of technical expertise from developing mobile browser engines, grid delivery systems. He is the software architect for STON product lines and believes in true iterative development.

Jungsoo Park CSO

Jungsoo has over 12 years of technical expertise from managing content delivery and cloud consultancy. In the intersection of business and technology, he is in charge of product strategy and overseas management.