AEGIS microcapsule-based active automatic fire extinguishers

At a specific temperature, the micro-capsule that contains fire extinguishing material is sprayed on the fire and it can significantly reduce fire damages by actively suppressing the fire at an early stage

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microcapsule-based core technology of AEGIS

The eco-friendly special extinguishing agent is surrounded by an outer wall made from polymer synthetic material. Specially designed microcapsules release extinguishing agents in response to specific temperatures. Large scale fires resulted from possible social disasters can be prevented in advance in which fire damages can be significantly suppressed in the early stage, effectively reducing fire damage measures.


Polymer microcapsules


Built-in eco-friendly fire extinguishing agent


Various products are produced as microcapsules

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3M™ Novec™ 1230 is contained in microcapsules which reacts in high temperature.

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Now is the time for an eco-friendly technology that is also harmless to our human bodies.

Harmful materials to the environment as well as our human bodies are still being used for fire extinguishing. Certain materials in fire extinguishing can be the cause of precious lives around us to be taken away along with damaging valuable equipment to no longer work

Aegis products are compassionate of our environment, people, and the protection of essential resources. An eco-friendly fire extinguishing material 3M™ Novec™ 1230 embeds in a nano-technology based microcapsule which proactively sprays fire extinguishing agents at 120 degrees and does not require any support of electricity

Aegis products prevent significant damages with extinguishing fires at an early stage. Prevent fortune costing fire accidents with AEGIS products


Advanced convergence technology

Most improved nano-technologies are converged with organic, inorganic, polymer chemistry and material science. Utilizing nano-technology makes products perfect.


Perfect durability

Utilizing ‘External Wall Non-porous’ technology protects the damage of extinguishing materials inside capsules. Electrical insulation and waterproof are the fabulous features it provides as well.


No sensors and power required.

No need for sensor and power for operation It is fully temperature responsive and does not require any electrical power as well as zero malfunctions in design. Presents exceptional simplicities in installation and utilizations.

AEGIS product lineup

Products come in the forms of pad, wire, shield, film and more. They are made for easy installation in narrow spaces and areas.

Pad type

Intelligent, ultra-small sized early stage fire extinguishing product that does not require man-supervision as well as power.

Revolutionary product for preventing fire damages

Installing phase is simple and it works on class A, B, C fires.

Blind Spot Fire Protection

Intelligent fire-fighting solution that operates without power, perfectly protects blind spots from fires.
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Wire type

Capable of proactively extinguishing fires at an early stage even in a narrow and long space..

Protection of fire hazards in structureless conditions

Wire-type is designed to protect your business from fire hazards which can begin in structureless(formless and shape-free) zones, maximizing the fire extinguishing options compared to the pad-type.

Adjustable wire length

Wire type can be cut and connected fittingly depending on the necessities according to various locations.
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Shield type

Suitable for protecting large-capacity areas, it automatically detects and extinguishes fire with no power required.

Instantaneous spraying ability of the capsules

The extinguishing agent gets sprayed and eliminates the initial fire instantly in the same moment of when the capsules react and burst in the event of fire.

Large-capacity protection

Suitable for vast amount of protection in areas as large as requiring 300 liters and more
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Power strip with built-in Aegis products

The difference is clear with our power strip built in products compared to products from others. Check out the video.

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Join our simple yet effective fire prevention with Aegis products.

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